Wormwood Studios

Wormwood Studios is a small, international team committed to developing games with distinctive visuals, complex themes, and rich settings.  Wormwood was founded in 2010 by Mark Yohalem (an American writer) and Victor Pflug (an Australian painter).  Along with Greek programmer James Spanos, Victor and Mark spent two years making Primordia, an award-winnning point-and-click adventure game.  In 2013, the team briefly expanded to include Steven Poulton, an English programmer, and Ben Chandler, another Australian artist.  That team made Salt and Like A Raisin in the Sun and worked on the now-defunct adventure game, Cloudscape

Presently, Mark, Victor, and James are working on Strangeland, a follow-up adventure game to Primordia.  In parallel, Fallen Gods is being developed by Mark, Daniel Miller (an American pixel artist), Maciej Bogucki (a Polish editor, designer, scripter, and overall factotum), Connor Brennan (an American programmer), Anders Hedenholm (a Swedish composer), Jamie Campbell (an American voice actor), and various painters from Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, and the United States who have come and gone from the team.

We view supporting other independent game projects as an integral part of our overall development mission.  To date, we have backed around 300 projects on Kickstarter, and we’ve plugged other projects through our Facebook page.  If you’re working on a project that falls within our wheelhouse and you’d like our support, please drop us a line.  (Obviously, as a small team, our resources are limited.)