About Wormwood Studios

In 2012, Victor Pflug (an Australian artist), Mark Yohalem (an American writer/designer), and James Spanos (a Greek programmer), released Primordia, an award-winning point-and-click adventure game. During Primordia’s development, they decided to consolidate their creative and technical personas into one identity that could take credit for the creation of Primordia, and thus founded Wormwood Studios.  Primordia was the first game released under the Wormwood Studios label.

In 2021, Mark, Vic, and James released a second award-winning adventure game under the Wormwood Studios label: Strangeland.

Each of the three founders has also had his own separate project under the Wormwood Studios label.

In 2014, Mark Yohalem began developing Fallen Gods, a saga-inspired rogue-lite RPG, targeting a 2023 release.

In 2016, James Spanos released Until I Have You, a cyberpunk platformer.

In 2023, Victor Pflug crowdfunded Hibernaculum, a sci-fi / horror dungeon-crawler RPG, targeting a 2025 release.

(We have also made various small games over the years, some of which you can find here.)