Fallen Gods

Once, the world was better, the gods greater, the wars over, the end farther. You were born in the Cloudlands during those bright days, one of the Ormfolk, forever young and strong, worshipped by those below for your forefathers’ deeds. But all has gone wrong. Wolves and worse haunt the night, the law holds no sway, and men’s hearts grow hard toward their gods. Fearful of their dwindling shares of souls, your kin turned against each other ... and against you. And so you were cast down from the heavens, a fallen god broken upon the bitter earth. Now, you rise, free from death and ready to carve a bloody road back to your rightful home.

Fallen Gods 
is a narrative “rogue-lite” RPG, inspired by sagas, myths, and folklore, the board game Barbarian Prince, the Lone Wolf game book series, and computer games such as Darklands, Weird Worlds, and King of Dragon Pass. Despite being an RPG, it also draws many elements from the adventure games we long have loved, including treating items as meaningful tools rather than just stat-boosting equipment.

Fallen Gods is led by Mark Yohalem. The team includes Dan Miller, Maciej Bogucki, Jamie Campbell, Anders Hedenholm, James Spanos, and Ivan Ulyvanov, with contributions from Connor Brennan, Constan Lerois, Ryan Cordin, Jostein Johnsen, Victor Pflug, Cleopatra Motzel, and Zoltan Tobias.

You control the titular fallen god, who starts each game with different might, wits, health, and divine powers, and one of several animal familiars and magical artifacts. He has 90 days to win his way back to the Cloudlands, or he will lose his godhood forever. During that time, he must gather and manage a warband of up to five followers, find additional artifacts, and gain soul-strength by performing godly deeds (some kindly, some cruel). The world is full of barrows, caverns, swamps, towns, shrines, villages, castles, and other locations of interest. What you find in these places—what foes you will face in battle, what friends you can make, what dilemmas you must resolve, and what rewards you might win—changes every game. As your understanding of the world and its inhabitants grows, you will discover new strategies and develop new paths to victory, but the way will never be easy

A few years ago, we posted eight lengthy development diaries that offer a lot of background about the game:

#5: Witches and Dwergs (in some ways, a worldbuilding manifesto)

We hope to release the game in 2023, but having spent a decade on it so far, the one confident prediction I can make is that we are not going to rush things. In the meanwhile, you can wishlist Fallen Gods here, which makes a huge difference for indie devs.