You awake in a nightmarish carnival and watch a golden-haired woman hurl herself down a bottomless well for your sake. You seek clues and help from jeering ravens, an eyeless scribe, a living furnace, a mismade mermaid, and many more who dwell within the park. All the while, a shadow shrieks from atop a towering roller-coaster, and you know that until you destroy this Dark Thing, the woman will keep jumping, falling, and dying, over and over again....

Strangeland, our follow-up to Primordia, is a classic point-and-click adventure, rich with metaphors and symbols. While Primordia is the science-fictional story of robots finding their humanity in a post-apocalyptic landscape left by world war, Strangeland is the psychological horror story of a man losing, and rediscovering, his own humanity in the post-apocalyptic mindscape left by his own despair.

Strangeland features a rich story, multi-path puzzles, and increased graphical resolution, and improved quality-of-life features.  It is the second partnership of Mark Yohalem (writing and design), Victor Pflug (art and sound), and James Spanos (programming).

Strangeland has won a host of awards for its design and writing Adventure Game of the Year and Best Screenplay from AGOTY; Best Story, Best Writing, and Best Puzzles in the Aggies (Reader’s Choice); Best Puzzles, Best Programming, Best Voice Acting, and Best Character Art in the AGS Awards. It was also nominated for Best Writing in a Game in the New York Game Awards, competing with Psychonauts 2, Resident Evil: Village, and other AAA titles. In addition, it reached “Overwhelmingly Positive” status on Steam just over a year after its launch, and was listed on numerous best-games-of-the-year lists in the year of its launch.

Covered by The Onion AV Club,, and elsewhere, Strangeland has received many glowing reviews and some not-so-glowing reviews, continuing our delightful relationship with the gaming media. Some of our favorite takes:
Strangeland has also had the good fortune of receiving some great streams, Let’s Plays, and video commentaries. Here are two of our favorite (spoiler-laden) commentaries, from Grimbeard and Pushing Up Roses.

We are grateful that Strangeland has already been translated into German, French, Korean, Turkish, and Hungarian, with a Spanish translation on its way.

We hope you enjoy Strangeland. It is a dark and disturbing game, but although it deals with heavy themes, it is ultimately a hopeful game.