Sunday, November 24, 2013

Three fun pieces of fan art:

(1) A reimagining of the ending song to Portal 2, as sung by MetroMind, composed and performed by a commenter to this very blog!  Though I may be biased given that I created MetroMind and loved the Portal 2 song, I found it quite clever.

(2) A poem about Primer, by the incomparable Esther CdL. At some point, Vic and I will put some proper graphic design together for it, but even standing on its own, it’s awesome.

Lord and Master Builder, Man all-wise,
Engineer of all on land and air,
Our five-one-eight to thee alone doth rise:
    Abort us ne’er!

Perfect machine, giver primordial
Of memory, of logic, and of spark,
Look down; see thy fragmented children fall,
    Failing, in the dark.

Behold how rust and virus do devour
Urbani’s finest fighters; how each bot
In city streets doth faint for lack of pow’r;
    Ignore us not!

Lord, Primary Master, format us anew,
That we, thy humble servitors, may live
Ever faithful to thy Code most true;
    Retry, forgive!

Esther explained to me that this is an patterned after an ancient form of Hebrew acrostic poetry.  How anyone could (1) adhere to these formal rules, (2) build in so much Primordia lore and jargon, and (3) actually make it sound poetic, I don’t know, but she managed it!

(3) A sketch of Horatio, Crispin, and the fateful power core, by Sed.