Until I Have You

How much of yourself would you be willing to sacrifice to save the one you love?

Until I Have You is a story-driven, fast-paced, retro-aesthetic platformer in a cyberpunk setting. The game recounts a story of regret, love, and corruption in a city that’s gone haywire. 

Over twelve intense stages—each with its own enemies, boss, and unique environmental obstacles—you will gain new weapons and powers, necessary for overcoming the increasingly difficult challenges you face.

Until I Have You was the first separate project released under the Wormwood Studios label, made by James Spanos along with artist Andrea Ferrara. It features full voice acting, 29 musical tracks, 60 enemy types, and beautiful pixel artwork.

Take on the role of the Artist, a talented assassin who has worked many dirty jobs in a long and successful career. Finally heeding his wife’s pleadings of his wife, he has decided it’s time to quit this ugly business and live a simple and peaceful life. But the Artist’s clients know he is irreplaceable, and kidnap his wife to prevent his retirement. Thus, the Artist prepares himself for one last assignment. Knowing the odds he faces, he procures an experimental exoskeleton suit. Although this provides him with additional powers, it also causes hallucinations and affects his judgment. And the deeper into the job he gets, the farther from reality he slips...

A technical achievement stretching the Adventure Game Studios engine in ways never seen before, Until I Have You was nominated for nine AGS awards and won three, and contributed to James later receiving a Lifetime Achievement award from the AGS community. It also has the distinction of being the only Wormwood Studios game to receive a genuinely positive review from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which praised “its lovely cyberpunk atmosphere and cinematic scenes,” “toughness,” and novel “approach to old formulas.”  “Even if you desperately fail you’ll be able to appreciate the sleekness of it all. The parallax scrolling, great art and the 2D effects, the moving platforms, bosses and a particularly enjoyable selection of enemies should at the very least inspire you to give Until I Have You a try.”