Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Wadjet Eye Games Publishing Strangeland

We are delighted to announce that Wadjet Eye Games is publishing Strangeland. Many years in the making, Strangeland is a “cabinet of curiosities” comprising the striking memories and bizarre visions that Victor Pflug (artist) and I (Mark Yohalem, writer/designer) have gathered over our lives. That cabinet has been built with thousands of hours of care by Dimitrios Thanasias-Spanos (coder).

Put otherwise, and as our last update probably indicated, Strangeland is as personal a game as I can imagine making. I spent the last weeks annotating its more obscure references, and realized it really is a map from my childhood wonders and fears to adulthood’s responsibility, regret, and recognition. I know Vic drew deeply from the well of his own personal experiences. Further, Dimitrios has achieved things with the engine (Adventure Game Studio) that no one has ever done before, allowing Vic’s surreal imagery to come to life in smooth and seamless way, and he has done through by throwing all of himself into the game’s development.

Given all the toil and anguish that went into making it, there’s no one we’d be more comfortable entrusting the game’s publication to than WEG. Our collaboration on Primordia was not just a business relationship, but a friendship and creative partnership. Dave Gilbert is second to none in directing voice acting, and WEG has earned a well-deserved reputation for releasing thoughtful games that hearken back to the classics while presenting innovations in setting, design, and narrative. We are proud that Primordia is a part of that legacy, and we are excited that Strangeland will be part of it, too. 


  1. wow! can't wait for this one, will you release also on GOG? it feels right at home there.
    i loved "Primordia" it is one of my most cherished adventure games from the renaissance of the genre that you guys along with some other devs crafted at the start of 2010s, it's at least 5 years i'm having Horatio Nullbuilt as my personal windows avatar and that i always shout to my friends face to discover your imaginative worlds.
    definitely looking forward to this!

    1. What a wonderful note to receive -- I'm so glad Primordia (and Horatio!) made such an impression on you. As for your question: yes, we will release it on GOG!

    2. nice going! keep uo the flame guys :)

  2. Gog page is up... bsod ;P
    As they say on the interwebs this is "day one" material.
    Will grab a gog copy for me and a steam one for my brother, both Primordia fans. Speachlessly saying (no pun) I'm thrilled.

    thank you all!!