Friday, December 20, 2019

Steam Game Giveaway

We're giving away Steam keys to various games.  Read more below.

Ever since Primordia reached 2,000 reviews on Steam, I've been meaning to do a game giveaway.  Soon after Primordia's original release in 2012, I had the idea to "tithe" the royalties I got on the title and donate that money to other developers, whether via Kickstarter projects (I backed around 220) or charity bundles (I donated to ~30).  Over the years, I've given keys away to Primordia purchasers who were disappointed in the game on the theory that no one should come away unsatisfied from buying Primordia.  But our good fortune has been that most purchasers really like Primordia!  And with limited free time, I've never been able to play many of the games I've backed.  I've tried various ways of giving away keys over the years, but I've still accumulated a substantial backlog of about 150 keys -- some to acclaimed games, some to labors of love that never took off.

So here's what I'm doing!

Previously I've given keys to people who left negative reviews of Primordia.  Now, I'm happy to send a key to anyone who has left (or now leaves) any Primordia review, until the supply runs out.  Moreover, because something seems crass about simply rewarding reviews of Primordia, and because I'd like to use these keys toward my original goal of promoting fellow indie developers, I'm happy to send a key if you leave a review for any of these other adventures, which I feel never got the attention they deserved:
Whispers of a Machine
Guard Duty
Sumatra: Fate of Yandi
Mage's Initiation
Quest for Infamy

To be honest, I've not figured out the mechanics of exactly how to execute the giveaway, but here's the basics.  Check out the list here and see if there are any that interest you.  If so, add me as a friend on Steam and message me a link to the review to any of those games or Primordia.  Let me know what game from the list you'd like.  If it hasn't been taken yet, I'll send you a key (though my responses may not be immediate).  If it's been taken, pick another if it interests you.  The whole thing is going to be clunky and cumbersome since I'll be managing all this by hand, but hopefully it well help promote our fellow indie adventure game developers, pass these keys along to people who will play and enjoy the games (that's why games exist!), and generally spread holiday cheer.  I'll try to do it as fairly and efficiently as possible!


  1. Apparently your friend lost is full and I cannot add you :P And I own Primordia on GOG, of which I left a review there because your game truly deserves it.

    And I'm interested in a specific game key of A Monster Loves You for a friend!

    1. Could you shoot me an email at

    2. I too left a review on GOG, titled Circuits and Rust. I haven't had a look at the list yet, but I take it I should pass you an email at the same address Mark?

  2. Really happy with the six games you've selected. We must have similar taste because I am six for six on owning these games and having reviewed these games positively in the past. Thank you for continuing to support the AG community!

    I've sent you a friend request on Steam; I am interested in a few games on your list.

    1. Thanks -- and thanks for leaving so many reviews for indie adventures! Got your message on Steam.

  3. I don`t have a review, but I`ll leave this one here

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