Thursday, December 19, 2013

Primordia is 50% off ($4.99) on and Steam.


  1. Hello there!
    I would like to ask: Is there some "behind the scenes"/making of Primordia? Something like the "making sprites" page, but speaking about the whole game. preferably a making of in text because, as you can see, my english is terrible, hahaha!

    many thanks!

  2. Hmmm.

    The best thing is the audio commentary in the game itself, except that you'd rather have something written out. Is there a particular aspect you're curious about? We've done a bunch of interviews -- particularly me and Victor -- that are kind of high level. There's a long thread of all the emails I sent Vic in developing the story ideas that I posted on GOG and Steam. Let me know what to go looking for and I'll see if I can find it. (I can also send you the design doc, if you'd like.)

  3. the design doc and the threads look very interesting!

    well, I like very much the environment, character design, and collor pallete from the game, so I particulary would love to see more details about the overall visual development, too. I hate Victor so much because he's so fucking awesome ;_;